Due to the constantly growing number of retail orders for single enclosures, which customers duplicate every few days, from 01/08/2021 we are forced to introduce a handling fee of PLN 30.75 gross (PLN 25.00 net) for orders with a value below PLN 250 net (PLN 307.5 gross). Please think over your purchasing needs and, if possible, combine them into one order. The purpose of this decision is to shorten the lead time for all orders.

The fee is valid until further notice and applies only to product orders . Our services contracts are not covered by it.

Please be advised that due to the large number of orders, the delivery time is extended in the worst cases to 14 business days. We will keep you updated on all orders that will be processed longer. Purchase of non-foiled enclosures can help speed up the order, so if possible, please kindly include this in the comment box when finalizing your order.


Modulo richiesta campione

Modulo richiesta campione

Informazione: la compilazione del modulo non da automaticamente diritto a ricevere un campione del prodotto. Il modulo permette di inoltrare la richiesta di un campione gratuito del prodotto che viene valutata individualmente. Per un campione del prodotto si intende 1 contenitore.
Non si possono ottenere campioni per i seguenti prodotti: PŁYTKA UNIWERSALNA PCB, ZP240.190.105 SET, IOT.ZPSET1812 e IOT.ZPSET1510